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Environmental processes

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The generally increasing environmental requirements as well as the world's climate changes will impact perceptibly in Europe at the required Environmental processes and process technologies. Hereby the demands of specific Environmental processes such as treatment of Exhaust gas, sewage and waste, recycling of CO2, etc., will be always higher.

At the same time, the demand of legal and financial security of facilities is growing to eliminate trace and limit the micro-pollutants such as dioxins (PCDD / F), mercury (Hg), solvents, etc.,  arising from emissions, wastewater, etc. Nowadays Environmental and Health Safety has simply become an indispensable element of investment protection.

Product safety, which among other things was enforced by EU REACH legislation with the necessary CSA & CSR (Chemical Safety Assessment and Chemical Safety Report), are more essential in the production of environmental processes and process technologies for pollutant elimination. Most of these essential process improvements are pre-determined in a first step by pollutant exposure investigations and toxicological risk quantifications (TERQ), and then to work out the procedural action of the environmental processes. The production and brand safety must be accompanied by Environmental & Healthy Engineering. Also quality requirements for consumers for a flawless product safety are growing, since scandals of contaminated products such as cars, decorative materials, toys, textiles, furniture, food, pharmaceuticals, etc. (of which may contain heavy metals, solvents, plasticizers, toxic flame retardants, biocides, etc.) has shaked up the public again and again.

The optimized environmental process (also referred to "Cleaner Production") to secure production and product quality and sound air, waste water, waste treatment and product safety leads to significantly lower toxicity exposure burden for consumers (and employees) through inhalational, oral and dermal emission recordings, which ultimately leads operations to higher legal and financial security as well as dealing with authorities, insurers and Health insurance companies to a higher budget security. This context, as well as the effect of a better environmental, healthy and consumer quality of life is social and economically as priority and a significant part of CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility.

Furthermore the environmental process and process technology are essential to develop and to optimize the renewable energy (such as water treatment of deep-geothermal-power or the determination of the required Processing to transform biogas into bioelectricity, etc. A new challenge is the recycling of carbon dioxide b.e. from firing and heating systems, as in the agricultural sector, such as in large greenhouses, large quantities of CO2 are needed and still bought in gas bottles, because the plants convert this gas back into oxygen and incorporate the carbon in their plant structure.

Nowadays these environmental process technologies are absolutely strategic technologies which   becoming increasingly important in the international markets and as eco-industries they provides new skilled jobs and secured a sustainable future.


Service information:


Solutions for:

  • Water treatment
  • Soil remediation
  • Waste treatment
  • Energy recovery via waste recycling
  • Recycling of metals
  • Air treatment

Our services:

  • Engineering and appliance of technical processing (biological, chemical and physical) in the field of environment
  • Water, waste and Hazardous waste (PCB, POP, etc.) treatment
  • Soil remediation & treatments (in situ, on-site and off-site)
  • Treatment of rubble as well as sediments and construction material
  • Energy recovery of recyclable waste (methanation,
  • Treatment and recycling of metals from mining and waste
  • Air treatment and off-gas

Your benefit:

  • Optimized engineered application
  • Best cost-benefit relation with guarantees
  • Design of treatment plants
  • General contractor for design, construction and operations

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