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In Swabia

HPC was founded more than 60 years ago. Since then we have always been doing the same: we have been listening to our customers. Sometimes we shrugged our shoulders at the beginning. But soon a solution could always be found.
Before we apply new techniques, we wait and see how they stand the test in practice. What today is considered innovative can prove inappropriate or even dangerous tomorrow. We have to guarantee the safety of our plannings for many years, often even for decades. So we cannot afford to rely on methods whose effects are not fully assessable yet. Maybe this is wrong. Maybe we are too conservative - but maybe just consistent. Laptop and rubber boots: keeping a firm footing on the ground of our history, we stand eyes turned to the future. The principle we have always acted on is to serve the interest of our customers by not providing the new, but the most suitable solution.

The Harburg

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